Last night we packed up the family and headed to Sara Kate’s swim meet. This event had been described by some grandparents as “mass chaos” or “pandemonium” so headed out not knowing quite what to expect. We got there and found a site that was busy (and hard to navigate through while carrying a cooler) but not too chaotic. I think the link between miss chaos and crowded fun is.... READ MORE

We are home and we are adjusting. The last two nights we have gotten Samuel to sleep through the night, which has been a nice change from his wanting to get up and party at 1am. He is still grieving from time to time, but overall seems to be adjusting well. The other kids are really doing well and are really enjoying getting to know Samuel and playing with him..... READ MORE

Sorry for the delayed blog post. Traveling for 26 hours from door to door will do that to you. We have been jet lagged and reconnecting with our other kids and figuring out what it looks like to be a family of six. We started out our morning early, eating breakfast and checking out of the hotel at 9am and then heading to the airport. We were taking the same.... READ MORE

Today we ventured back out to Shamian Island. Shamian Island is an island that was once inhabited by westerners as I understand it. They made it into an island (with a waterway around it) and the buildings on the island are a cool mix of western and eastern styles. The island is really pretty and slow paced and has a lot of great little shops. So we went back to.... READ MORE

Today was relatively uneventful. We did a little shopping in the morning for some souvenirs, which was fun. I’m still convinced that all malls in China must be required to be 6 levels with shops that average in size of about 10 by 10 or less. We ate lunch in the room and tried to lay down for a nap, but Samuel wasn’t going for it today. So after an.... READ MORE

Ok, so I need to preface this post with a little info about how China adoptions work. A very long story short, to adopt from China you go through months and years of paperwork, home studies, and all kinds of mile markers, and then at the end of that very long process you get your final piece of the puzzle that puts your official trip to China in motion, the.... READ MORE

Today we got a slow start. Doing the zoo and circus in one day will wear you out for sure, but it was worth it. We ate breakfast as usual and then headed out behind the hotel to explore the hotel’s little garden area. It was impressive. Tons of fish in neat little ponds and Samuel really enjoyed looking at all of the fish. After enjoying the gardens we went.... READ MORE

Today is day 13, hard to believe that we have been away from our kiddos for 13 days. While don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed our time in country, I am just ready to get back home with all my kiddos in one place. Only 5 more sleeps until I get to squeeze their necks and kiss their cheeks. FaceTime has been wonderful to see them everyday and has.... READ MORE

This is a video of our travels to Guangzhou from a few days ago.

Today started in the middle of the night with Jess throwing up, food poisoning, no fun. It was a long night and she didn’t get much sleep. So, this morning I let her rest and I took Samuel down to breakfast by myself. On the way down I bumped into some new friends so I ate with their family. Samuel did great at breakfast, I thought he would freak not.... READ MORE