We kissed our kiddos bye and left our house around 8:15 am Tuesday morning. Our friend, Jeffery, so graciously offered to pick us up and take us to the airport {it was such a blessing}! We had a few extra minutes before we needed to head into ATL rush hour traffic and we needed some breakfast, so we stopped at the only place to eat breakfast out {Chick-fil-a}. After our.... READ MORE

Today Jess and I took the kids and went to the airport to welcome home some friends that just adopted from Ethiopia. It was truly beautiful seeing their family unit as one for the first time! Adoption is such an amazing miracle and demonstration of divine love! I wrote a few more thoughts in a blog post here on my personal blog.

In my searching to find out more about the city where our son lives, I searched google for “Taiyuan City, adoption and blog” and found this really great blog.  The cool thing is they are in Taiyuan City right now getting their daughter.  If you care to see some really great pictures of the city where our son is and follow a families journey with their new daughter (as of.... READ MORE

To us here a 1/2 a world away, it’s just another rainy Monday but in China they are celebrating the most important traditional Chinese Holiday, Chinese New Year.  It’s also known as the “Spring Festival” celebrating the end of the cold winter season and ends in 15 days with the Lantern Festival.  This year is the year of the Dragon. I have never really studied about Chinese New Year until.... READ MORE