God writes the most amazing stories, doesn’t He?  This story began back in late 2013. I was on our agency’s waiting child page just looking through the children and praying for them.  This is something that I feel like I can do since we are not in the place to adopt right now.  Anyways, I was scrolling through the list and came across “Zinnie”.  Some thing about her captivated me..... READ MORE

We have had the privilege of visiting with a new body of believers the past weeks. It has been fun getting to know people from this church community and sharing about our family and our little one waiting for us in china. Today, the pastor was teaching on the name of Jesus “Mighty God” (Isaiah 9:6) I was encouraged as I was reminded of the power that Jesus has and.... READ MORE

Its day 30 and we are half way through our 60 day fundraiser to raise $10,000. At this moment we are not nearly half way to that goal. Though I have been tempted to be a little down that the fundraiser is not going as well as I had hoped, God is working on my heart in a different way. As I have prayed about this today I have realized.... READ MORE

Its day 21 of our fundraiser and we have raised $1,590 so far! Thanks to all our supporters, please don’t stop yet!

We are now at about $1,230 raised! I think about $200 came in yesterday! Thanks for all the support and please keep sharing our cause!

Its Day 6 of our campaign and things seems to be slowing down just a bit. We are at about $630 so far and have a ways to go. If you haven’t already shared this on Facebook and Twitter, now is a great time to do it!

Today is Day 4 of our fundraising campaign and it is Orphan Sunday! So far we are raised $540 of our $10,000 goal! We are really excited about how the campaign is going and very hopeful that God will continue to bless our efforts!

Its day 3 of our Give 5 Campaign and so far we are almost at $500! Please keep sharing the page and encouraging friends and family to give $5 each. In 3 days we are exactly on pace to raise $10,000 in 60 days! Its a community effort for a beautiful little boy!

So far our new fundraising campaign Give 5 Change a Life is going great! In less than 2 days the page has gotten more than 70 Facebook likes and we have received several hundred in donations! The goal of the campaign is to raise $10,000 in 60 days by getting 2,000 people to give $5 each. Its a bold goal, but with your help we think it is possible! Thanks to all.... READ MORE

I am blown away almost daily by what the Lord is doing through our adoption.  We have been working hard for over a year selling goat milk soap, bracelets from Haiti and other things.  I have been doing photo sessions for families who make a donation to our adoption and the Lord is blessing our efforts. Last week I cried out to the Lord and just asked Him for provision.... READ MORE