It appears that it has been 8 months since our last blog post.  A lot has happened since January and Samuel’s first snow.  We have had many firsts as a family of 6 and we enjoyed a very fun summer filled with swimming, first road trip, fun with friends and Samuel’s first trip to the beach.  To say Samuel is growing would be an understatement, he has gained over 10.... READ MORE

We have had the privilege of visiting with a new body of believers the past weeks. It has been fun getting to know people from this church community and sharing about our family and our little one waiting for us in china. Today, the pastor was teaching on the name of Jesus “Mighty God” (Isaiah 9:6) I was encouraged as I was reminded of the power that Jesus has and.... READ MORE

Its day 14 of our giving campaign and we have $995 so far! Thanks to all who have helped, donated and promoted! Please don’t stop promoting our campaign yet though. I don’t want you to drive you friends completely crazy on Facebook about our campaign, but a little crazy probably won’t hurt too much right? Can you help us to keep getting the word out?

Today I’m thankful to be on this journey of faith, hope, and love, with my beautiful wife and loving kiddos. Praying that next Thanksgiving I will have one more child at my table. I’m also so thankful for friends and family that are already joining is in this journey, it will be a long road, but so worth it.

So, here we are… again, called by God to step out into the unknown in faith. Adoption. We are called to, and very excited about adopting a child from China. And, in that excitement, we are again being stretched. Stretched to trust the Lord for provision, to trust Him with details and to trust Him with the course of our lives. We realize that our lives are going to change.... READ MORE