God writes the most amazing stories, doesn’t He?  This story began back in late 2013. I was on our agency’s waiting child page just looking through the children and praying for them.  This is something that I feel like I can do since we are not in the place to adopt right now.  Anyways, I was scrolling through the list and came across “Zinnie”.  Some thing about her captivated me..... READ MORE

It appears that it has been 8 months since our last blog post.  A lot has happened since January and Samuel’s first snow.  We have had many firsts as a family of 6 and we enjoyed a very fun summer filled with swimming, first road trip, fun with friends and Samuel’s first trip to the beach.  To say Samuel is growing would be an understatement, he has gained over 10.... READ MORE

Its snowed yesterday at Atlanta. It was our first time, having Samuel with us, experiencing snow. We were excited to see him  play in it and have fun with his siblings, all the kids were excited. We decided that after nap time would be a good time to let them all go out and play, so as the kids got up and Samuel was the last to wake up we.... READ MORE

Having another child always makes life crazy. This is true for the birth of a child as well as the adoption of one. Things have been crazy. From meltdowns to arguments and from cuddles to kicks in the face during the night (while sleeping in our bed from time to time). Many times we are weary but ever happy, frustrated but encouraged as well. Samuel is doing well. There are.... READ MORE

Sorry for the lack of blogging. To say that we have been busy is an understatement. Trying to assimilate Samuel into the family, care for the other kids and live life has proven time consuming. All in all things are going well. Samuel still struggles with fits and freak outs, but more often he is happy and full of personality. The thing that we are really dealing with now is.... READ MORE

Adoption is beautiful, a miracle in many ways, but its also really tough. It would be easy to look at our family, see our posts of Samuel smiling and enjoying time with Jess and the kids and think that our journey has been easy, let me assure you, it is not easy. The truth is that we are tired and usually emotionally and physically drained. Most days Samuel does great.... READ MORE

We had our visit with our social worker from our adoption agency on Saturday. As a part of that visit we talked to her about how Samuel has been grieving a lot more lately and how we have had several hard days with him. As we were talking the social worker asked if we had showed him any photos of his foster family as a part of the grieving process,.... READ MORE

I have started a new blog at www.dadtime.co to talk about being a dad and about adoption topics related to being a dad. So, over there I have written a post about how we used technology in China. Check out the post here.

Its weird. We are back from China with Samuel, everything is going well minus a few speed bumps, but my thoughts often return to his foster family and his loss. I find myself wondering how his foster mother is doing and what his foster father is like. I have no doubt that they miss him and have grieved his going away. As I think of them I can’t help but.... READ MORE

This post is to attempt to explain a few things about the interactions of adoptive families with their friends and family during the period of time that they are trying to establish a bond with their child. It is common for friends and family of an adoptive family not to realize some of the complexity of what is happening within the family dynamic and to get offended when, for example,.... READ MORE